Журнал Viche 2009 №19

№19, 2009

Parliament raised social standards

Also on the session meeting of Verkhovna Rada took for basis the project of decision «About the measures on arrangement of separate charges of the State budget, directed on an increase of sizes of state social standards and guarantees ».In obedience to the project of folk deputy Hanna Herman it is suggested to increase of charges of the State budget for the increase of sizes of state social standards and guarantees a money, disengaged as a result of diminishing twice of maximal wage of the state leaders 

 – President of Ukraine, Chairman of Verkhovna Rada, will be directed Prime minister, vice-prime ministers, folk deputies, leading composition of national security and defensive, State administration businesses, Vehicle of parliament, Secretariat of government, ministers and their deputies, leaders of other central organs of executive power and their deputies, chairmen an area Council, Kievan and Sevastopol city state administrations and their deputies, workers of the National bank of Ukraine, and others like that. 

Also folk deputies approved a bill which it is foreseen in a time of financial crisis to sell drugs of oversea production on prices which were folded by the state on July 1, 2008. The state will regulate the cost of domestic medications. 

The members of parliament obliged Cabinet another decision urgently to confirm the bill of consumer goods which have a substantial social value for a population and to set the state fixed prices on them. 

In addition folk deputies recommended government, Fund of state property and organs of local self-government in the case of exposure of facts of violation of labor rights for the workers of proper enterprises to take measures from avoiding contract purchase-sale of such enterprises returning of proper objects accordingly in a public or communal domain.

In obedience to a decision the General prosecution must provide system supervision after the observance of labor rights for citizens and in the case of their violation to take measures public prosecutor's reacting.