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Viche 2009 19

19, 2009

We trust teachers but do not understand educational reforms

Lets talk about education. Not every of Viche readers have a direct relation with Verkhovna Rada. But each at least in the past had educational stages. For somebody they broke and left heavy backwalls in memory. And somebody, falling down from an educational stair broke itself a fate. But there are lucky persons which almost with apish adroitness overcame all legal and illegal barriers. Maybe Aleksandr Men' was right, when (certainly, ironically) said, that God, in principle, could create a man from a marmoset, such the purveyances itself.

Not many can say, and which is its ultimate goal. The terms of studies change. Forms, programs, evaluation systems. And reforms last. The talk of the town became the introduction of Bologna system. We want that we had all European like. Here we may recall words of not so much popular presently person Aleksandr Suvorov: Every soldier must know his maneuver. But neither students, neither their parents nor teachers do not know their maneuvers. And, usually disagree with those methods of maneuvering that it is offered to them. Only 15, 3% of citizens acceded to passing to the twelve-year system of secondary education, and 65, 9% of citizens considered it is tomfoolery. To the twelve point system of evaluation positively belonged only 23, 9%, and 53, 4% negatively. And on the whole 46,4% considered that transformation to education is the unprepared process, imitation of reforms little guided,, at the same time 18,8% citizens in general saw no changes. Not very much flattering description. And as a result: sociologists found out that, in opinion of 45,5% citizens, for years independence education became worse, positive changes noticed 8,5% asked only.