Viche 2009 19

19, 2009

Life strategies of students of the NAU: through the prism of sociology

The students, as the most active and well-educated part of young people, always come into the notice of sociologists, political scientists, psychologists, legislators, historians, philosophers and teachers. Specific character of young people, in particular students, as a social group lies in the acquisition of permanent social status in different social substructures (social and class, social and settling, professional and working, social and political, domestic and household).

The article is based on the materials of complex sociological research which was conducted in the National Air University in 20082009. The research involved the combination of quantitative and high-quality methods, in particular questionnaire survey, formation of focus-groups and profound interview. The questionnaire survey involved the students from different institutes of the NAU (235 respondents from each department: aviation, technical and humanitarian 705 respondents on the whole). The selection was formed in accordance with the quotas with due account for statistical specificity (social and demographic indexes according to the data of statistical department of the NAU). The selection is represented in accordance with the gender, the course of studies, belonging to three institutes under investigation and with the place of residence. The error does not exceed 3.38%.

Iryna Prokopchuk