Журнал Viche 2009 №19

№19, 2009

Democratic Self-Government Establishment in the Context of Civil Society Development in Ukraine

It is important to understand the complexity and divisiveness of the process of the civil society establishment. The society can become really civil, if it obtains independence, has its own background and becomes imbued with the spirit of freedom. In Ukraine the process of civil society formation is only at the initial stage.
In this context it is possible to underline the following main positions: firstly, it is impossible and even dangerous to form the civil society “from above” according to the desire or to the plan of representative of power; secondly, there is a task to form the state as a favourable institute for the development of civil society.

For the sake of appearance  

European week of local democracy is conducted annually during the week on which October, 15 happens to be. October, 15 is the day when the European Charter of Local Self-Government was signed by the members of the European Council. Ukraine ratified this document in 1997 and by this accepted the acknowledged by the civilized world principles of power organization at the local level.  

In our country the European Week of Local Democracy, established by the decree of the President, will take place for the third time already. 

Participation in the European movement in support of democracy certifies the European choice of Ukraine, but, unfortunately, in no way approaches us to the European values and to the organization of state administration system: local self-government in Ukraine is only the attachment of the central power. Administrative and territorial reforms and budgetary reform could change the situation, but for some reason they are constantly too late. 


Viktor Zinchenko