Viche 2009 19

19, 2009

Verkhohony with barriers

National sporting complex Olympic in Kyiv became sacred character ghostly desirable EURO-2012 and a gold apple of discord. And at the same time provided oneself with adventurous history that threads subjects, being blown up to the serial.
A EURO-2012 presently serves for Ukrainians a national idea. And a capital stadium which is the changed of proletarian exterior to glamorous applies on the role of the cored personification of this idea. Getting in the fight of right domestic cities on acceptance of current competitions of championship is one thing. Quite another is realization of dream about the lead through of final part.
A EURO-2012 is on NSC Olympic, which belongs to the management of Ministry of Ukraine in matters of family, young people and sport.

Under carpet Games


Moving toward a purpose is sometimes major of own purpose. Because there is nothing more frightful than existential vacuum about which wrote Frankl. Events around one sport object number one during the last months burst with furious passions.


A fight against the ghost of vacuum proceeded. The stormy of events fed and that time leaks through sand, checkers from abroad is succeeded to regular visits to Ukraine and impatiently expect actions from responsible persons. Who are distracted by own violations, or on reeking of obstructions from others violations.


Understood why the report of the Temporal commission of inquiry of Verkhovna Rada for verification of observance of legislation of Ukraine during the lead through of reconstruction of objects of state enterprise of NSC Olympic is expounded almost in the detective key.