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Viche 2009 19

19, 2009

Anatoliy Busenkov doesnt Rely on Goldfish

In 2002 Anatoliy Busenkov was elected as a chairman of Rubizhne, which is in Lugansk region. Before this he was in charge of the City Council. Those were difficult times: the city of chemists, which was once well known in the whole Union, was loosing ground and was going to become a bankrupt. Some enterprises laid off, other could hardly make two ends meet. And after shutting down of the factory-giant Barvnyk which both gave over sixty percent of income to the city budget, work and salary to thousands of inhabitants and supported numerous objects of social sphere and department habitation, Rubizhne has become the city with a ten percent official rate of unemployment, the city with cold houses, problems with supply of water, electricity and gas. So, figuratively speaking, Anatoliy Busenkov and his team have found themselves near the broken washtub. But they didnt put hopes on goldfish and they didnt sit back and do nothing.