Журнал Viche 2009 №17

№17, 2009

Place And Role of the Institute of Self-Government in the Structures of Civil Society

The structures of local self-government have a leading role in the Ukrainian society while solving the problems of vital importance. It is preconditioned by the mental peculiarity of people who perceive self-governing as the way of domination.  

The perspective of the development of the civil society in Ukraine foresees the solution of many political and social problems. The process of formation of both structural skeleton and civil society, and also the system of institutions of local self-government depends on it. They are simultaneously the elements of new state administrative construction and are presented in the structures of civil society. On the tangent limits of these structural crossings it is possible to examine more successfully the problems and contradictions of transformations which take place in our society.   

Research of methodological principals of civil society gives the possibility to define the structural basis of this social phenomenon in terms of which the institution of local self-government, as a transitional tangent line institution, can find its place. It is naturally interweaved into the structural architectonics of the civil society elements and is the part of the sphere of the country as a social organization.

Oleg Bondar, Alla Shapovalovi