Viche 2009 15

15, 2009

Deputies offer a model budgetary-insurance medicine

Beginning of long-awaited reforms in the system of health protection must become acceptance of law Verkhovna Rada On financing of health protection and obligatory medical insurance in Ukraine, the project of which is developed by Committee on questions a health protection at participation of type ministry. Such position is expounded in recommendations of participants of the parliamentary listening on a theme: Ways of reformation of health protection and medical insurance are in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, a discussion about reform of industry is not by priority on various talk shows and during election campaigns the participants of debates give advantage other themes. By-turn it is not a secret, that the health of Ukrainians is very unsatisfactory, but death rates in 24 times more than in countries of European Union.

As participants of listening mark, the state of health of people directly depends on financing of medical industry. And for the last 15 years its level did not exceed a 3,4 percent of GDP at a minimum requirement in 5 percents. However at the terms of economic crisis the state budget on 2009 is in general foresee money in a sum 29, 96 billion of hryvnyas, that almost half as much than minimum necessity which, after the calculations of Ministry of health protection, is 56 milliards. Obvious is and disbalance between the sizes of pay of medics and specialists of other industries in April of this year a middle ettlings for industries made 1155 hryvnyas, while in industry 1886, and, for example, in the system of education 1436 hryvnyas.