Viche 2009 15

15, 2009

A visit of clever force

Analyzing the results of visit of vice- president of the United States of Joe Baydena to Ukraine, it costs to be stopped for a few questions: whether a rhetoric meeting new of foreign-policy strategy of the USA, which sees situation in our region administration of Obama and what it expects from guidance of Ukraine, answered.

Two wars, conflict on Near east, permanent danger of expansion of nuclear weapon, fight against terrorism, global recession in an inheritance from George W. Bush democrats got status of America as a world leader and large order-paper. Estimating works of command of Barrack Obama the first six months, critics international massages talk him about a desire to rather disarm and to calm despotic modes, than openly resist to them. As a result, it seriously blows up effort of opposition forces and independent public organization that count on decisive approvals and isolation of undemocratic of go guidance of country from international concord.

There is the impression, that, taking a course on proceeding in reputation and trust to the country after the rule of Bush, in particular in the eyes of the Muslim world, Obama consciously renounces ideology of super State, which really estimates external calls and undertakes responsibility for not simple decision in the case of escalation of conflicts. Speech goes also and about absence of serious estimation and practical recommendations in relation to Plan of B for Iran and North Korea, which want to prevail in a region with the help of nuclear weapon.