Viche 2009 15

15, 2009

Is Arch-Pastoral Mission Politically Charged?

10 day visit of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill to Ukraine (July, 27 August, 5, 2009) was successfully arranged to coincide with the Day of the Baptism of Russia -Ukraine (it is the Day of Memory of the Saint Equal Apostolic Prince Volodymyr) on July, 28.

Exactly this day during the conduct of Devine Liturgy in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra the Patriarch reported about the importance of visiting Kyiv land the place from where Russian land arose, became firmly established and spread once again he marked that personally for him his visit had arch-pastoral character only. However, the presence of thousands of religious people and clergy from Ukraine, Russia, near and far-abroad countries testifies that tendency to brotherly orthodox unity is still present. The church proclaims to near and distant, and to the whole world: there is only one way for the world development and for the development of human civilization, as well as for the development of any human society. And this way is the law of love and solidarity which originates from this love, and also mutual support, harmony and peace, the Patriarch Kirill told in his sermon. Actually, without regard to all refutations of political purpose of the visit of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) to Ukraine, the political context can be traced between lines.