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Viche 2009 15

15, 2009

Anniversary of New Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation: Are Intentions of Medvedev Put into Life?

Today in the world status quo is made up in an absolutely new way; in fact it cardinally differs from that which existed yet at the beginning of the XX century. The world financial and economic crisis, certain change of the structure of relations between the states, and especially the fact that the United States of America gradually lose their influence in the world can be considered to be the reasons for it.

Having got stuck in Iraq, having reached almost nothing in Afghanistan, the USA already are not perceived as the unique world predominant power. Moreover, their not that weak allies at the NATO (like France or Germany) got tired from permanent pretension of the senior partner: their guidance understands that they can independently influence on the development of international relations, if not at the world scale, then at the level of Europe for sure. In fact now  we see that the old Yalta-Potsdam system of co-operation and distribution of powers between the key participants of the world events have already become out of date: the rule of bipolarity can be forgotten forever (or at least for some time).

Actually the world has parted with the epoch of cold war, has not perceived the idea of single polarity of international hierarchy and has passed to the phase of turbulence of its development certain vagueness of international order at which every more or less influential country tries to find its own niche in it.

And if the United States can not accept such situation, then Russia, on the other hand, (which till recently has been analogical to the USA centre of force) in every way tries to become firmly established as one of poles of new world formation and to legalize its multi polar structure.