Viche 2009 15

15, 2009

On the Other Side of Independence

We were forced to live together for a long time. However, it doesnt mean that we have become one unit or at least brothers. In the eve of the Independence Day we can not avoid foreign context, while thinking about the fate of the country, which we have to call our Motherland. We have been independent for not long time so we can not talk about us only.

Contrary widespread myths Ukraine had never voluntarily been a member of Russia: it is better to be a master in own house than a stepchild in someone else's. For example, at the Pereyaslavska Meeting Getmanschyna finally joined Moscow empire only after the Ukrainian-Moscow War 16581659, which was unsuccessful for the Cossacks. For the second time Ukraine became a member of the family of brotherly people in the result of defeat in the Ukrainian-Soviet War 19171921. Bitter taste of offenses as well as historical truth over the years went away in the past. Only empty May Day slogans and leading articles from the newspaper Truth about from everlasting friendship between soviet people are left in the memory of contemporaries.