Viche 2009 15

15, 2009

Specific of illumination of sights of architecture and town-planning of historical cities in Vault of sights of history and culture of Ukraine

Multivolume encyclopedic edition Vault of sights of history and culture of Ukraine the original 28-volume series of chronicle of historical experience of previous generations is planned on state level through immobile sights of history, archaeology, architecture and town-planning and monumental art.

Base organizational structure of Vault preparation was department of historical researches of Institute of history of Ukraine NANU. In 2006 this subsection was re-formed to Center of Vault of sights of history and culture of Ukraine.

Prosecution of multivolume edition already in 1980th brought the problem of study, guard and use of historical and cultural legacy on a high-quality new level. Practice of preparation of short certificates and essays about settlements to the volumes of Vault found out the package of open questions in a scientific aspect. Main of them is determinations of the unique and scientifically grounded criteria of taking of cities and villages to sights of history and culture and character of maintenance of writing of certificates and essays about settlements.

Rayisa Bondarenko