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Viche 2009 15

15, 2009

A policy must be wonderful!

In bookstores appeared monograph of Valentyn Bushanskiy Aesthetics of political power. It is recommended to the seal of Institute of political and ethnonational researches scientific advice the name of I. F. Kuras NAN of Ukraine. It is published a book at an assistance Center of practical philosophy. Work is addressed political scientists and philosophers to a great extent violate the traditional canon of political science studios. Only a glance to the policy from positions of aesthetics is unexpected.

An author constantly comes running to the inversion: if political activity depends on consciousness ethics, depends on consciousness economic, it is suitable to assert with the same success, that it depends on consciousness aesthetically beautiful. Justified, seems, and debatable spirit of monograph. In it a dialog is conducted with traditional interpretation of political science as studies mainly about political processes and institutes. This dialog predetermines and here and there ironical intonation of exposition of material.

In the first section power is described as self-sufficient, ontological reality. Only with the selection of general types of imperious life and method of influence on consciousness. The historical forms of consciousness open up in the second section: way of life, myth, history. In the third certainly possibility of application of aesthetically beautiful concepts to the analysis of political life. In fourth with determination politico-ontological and aesthetically beautiful facilities of analysis a reflection in the art of political realities and influence of aesthetically beautiful presentations is examined on political reality.

As shown in a monograph, to the man peculiar certain types of attitude toward power. They conventionally can be acknowledged as matriarchal and patriarchal. To each of these types inherent positive, that socially useful, and negative, destructive both for personality and for society, line. To matriarchal openness, sense of the personal exceptional nature, expectation of social favor, is peculiar. And at the same time and inclination to consumption, desire of unreserved love and respect. Socially the matriarchal shows up in the apologetics of equality and cult of death which is thought as pre-condition of revival. From the aesthetically beautiful point of view, the matriarchal it, indisputably low perception of the world. It is total horizontalness which is directed rather to the ground, there, from where and life germinates. It is a method exceptionally direct perception of life. And that is why and power is thought utilitarian. But the patriarchalness is complication of life. Politically it shows up as becoming of political rationalism, in particular making of political ideals.