Viche 2009 15

15, 2009


The whole sky is not enough for Larysa Kadochnikova. During the age of walking ladies the sky narrowed for the actress of such size. In spite of it Kadochnikova plays. She plays her parts as if she creates the pictures. She obeys high artist instinct. She lays invisible sketchy marks. And then she delicately colours the lines of spider web under the power of impulses of her heart. She puts stresses in accordance with the laws known only to her.

Larysa Valentynivna, whose creative career is measured with decades, stands against degraded movie and theatre essence just with her presence. Years seem to have no influence on the actress. Marichka from Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Parajanov is still young. And actually the film itself doesnt become grey, though it went down in history of culture as Ukrainian brand and as the film of all times and people long time ago.

The monument of Marichka, which recorded the face of Larysa Valentynivna for descendents, is located in the Dovzhenko film studio next to the faces of Parajanov and Mykolaychuk. It is the face of the unshadowed youth.

Nature presents its magic elixir to those who dont spend their own life in squabbles.

Next Larysa Kodachnikovas birthday is in August. This time the actress will not celebrate the jubilee. However, it depends on how to look at it. The year of Bull is her year. And exactly in 2009 the 85-th anniversary of Sergei Parajanov, the 45-th anniversary of Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors and the 45-th anniversary of the work of Kadochnikova at the Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka are celebrated.