Viche 2009 9

9, 2009

Pedagogics of Makarenko + International Experience

International norms and national practice of social rehabilitation of children with deviant and delict behavior were discussed at the 8th meeting of the Advisory Board on the questions of juvenile justice, organized by the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada together with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Representative Office of the Childrens Fund of the UNO (UNCF).

The representatives from the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, the General Prosecutor Office, the State Department on the questions of execution of punishments, scientific and educational establishments, public and international organizations participated in the arrangement headed by doctor of legal sciences Oleksandr Kopylenko, the director of the Institute of Law of the Verkhovna Rada, member-correspondent of the NAS of Ukraine.




10 special fostering institutions (hereafter juvenile correctional facility) for the executions of punishment in the form of imprisonment in relation to minors function in Ukraine, one of them is for the convicted girls.


As of January, 1, 2009 1607 thousand convicted children served sentence at juvenile correctional facilities, among them there were 104 girls.


The complexity of personality of convicted minors, who get to the places of imprisonment, is determined foremost by their social and pedagogical neglect. This data can be confirmed by the following: 34% from them didnt work anywhere before conviction and did not study, 52% didnt have full care and education as they lived in incomplete families, as a rule, with low material state, and 12% were orphans. Before conviction 9% minors were educated at the special fostering institutions of the educational system, 59% were called to criminal account unrelated to imprisonment, and 3% were repeatedly sentenced to imprisonment at minor age.


43% teenagers were condemned for a theft, almost every third for plunder or robbery, 12% for felonious homicide or infliction of heavy bodily harms. In accordance with age characteristics among convicted teenagers there are 5% aged 1415 years, 62% 1617, 33% 18 years old and older.


78% convicted minors serve their sentence within 5 years of imprisonment and 22% term of over 5 years.