Viche 2009 9

9, 2009

With Widely Closed Eyes

It was the fourth time when the Days of Polish cinema took place in Ukrainian cities. In the capital they were expected with an already usual impatience as far as it concerned the films of neighboring country.

Days of Polish cinema in Ukraine


The program included new movies which had already received the bouquets of ribbons at prestige cinema forums. There were 33 Scenes from Life by Malgozhat Shumovskyi, Four Nights with Ann by Yegy Skolimovskyi, Stadium of Homeless by Kasi Adamik, Scratch by Michal Rosa, and Drowsiness by Magdalena Pyekorg. There was also a new film by Andgey Vayd after a short story by Ivashkevych Tatar Herb that made a good impression on audience of the last Berlin Film Festival.