Viche 2009 9

9, 2009

Recording the World that Gallops

Physicist and lyric poet hard-tempered by the sixtieth. Ironical wise man with the smile of a child. Guru of the world cinema and theater. Glorified producer deprived even of the hint on snobbery. Aristocrat of spirit. The man born on the eve of the Second World War, between peace and war. The successor of the generation of the Italian industrialists who converted their name into the brand. Native of Warsaw, whose talent conquered quite a lot of cities. This is only a rough sketch of the multidimensional phenomenon named Krysztof Zanussi.
I have found the Polish producer during one of his previous creative tours to Kyiv. It happened right in the Independent Square, where Mr Zanussi watched some regular performance with participation of a crowd. Suspicions that he would refuse to talk vanished immediately. Velvet baritone, open look, handshake ... Something from that conversation refreshed in the memory and appeared on these pages.

On the eve of 70 year anniversary of Mr Zanussi his attitude toward birthdays, which he expressed during that talk, springs to my mind. When a man becomes older, Master said that doesnt bring pleasure. And suddenly having thought that spiritually native people will visit his hospitable Warsaw apartment, he added, But when old friends appear on horizon, it is a great pleasure. Consequently, there is something in my life.