Viche 2009 9

9, 2009

German Makarenko: I choose those who want to Gain Impossible

Comparison of Herman Makarenko with an exorcist is literary, with magus - grandiloquent. Maestro Makarenko conquers. One verb substitutes all verbal tricks unable to show the essence of conductor's efforts.
Besides the coherent orchestra, magic stick, German Makarenko has in his creative arsenal performances on the main stage of the country, author projects (see Certificate of the periodical Viche) and own strategies of conquest. For example, before music spreads over the domes of the hall, he addresses to theatergoers in Ukrainian and English. He does not repeat the learnt by heart greeting. Maestro tunes on the composition with the slowpoke monologue. And at that time a listeners soul warms up to the temperature necessary for dissolution in the sound concentrate.