Viche 2009 9

9, 2009

220 Performances is a Norm for Lviv Opera House

In Barcelona the forum of members of the Association Opera-Europe took place in Grand-Theatre Del Liseo, and the Director General Tadey O. Eder, the artistic leader of Lviv National Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Solomiya Krushelnytska, took part in it. Five hundred specialists of opera art arrived to discuss what way opera will develop in the ղ century.

Why was exactly Lviv Opera House invited to this honorable meeting of professionals?


Our opera theater became the member of the Association Opera-Europe in 2008. Its headquarters is located in Brussels. Nicholas Pain, who heads the Association, was in Lviv and visited our Opera House. He marked its historical and artistic-architectural meaningfulness, good level of performance, wonderful school of artistic and staging decoration, which was founded by great master Yevgen Lysenko, which today is successfully continued by brothers Ryndsak. However, in Nicholas Pains opinion, only few known singers from Europe perform on our stage. We are not in a position to invite prestige soloists, because we can not pay their fees. Moreover the state gives scanty resources for the update of opera repertoire. In order to make Lviv National Opera House of Ukraine more known in the world and to be in a position to look for new forms for propaganda of opera art we entered the Association Opera-Europe. Since now on we attend the forums of specialists, who meet, exchange their experience and new technologies of attraction of audience, and also forecast the development of opera in the ղ century.