Viche 2009 9

9, 2009

Pyryshki-Pupyryshki of our culture

My favorite TV channel is 1. There are a lot of red and white, a lot of silicon and spikes, a lot of fur and rhinestones, a lot of Bentley and Hummer a lot of glamour. There is a lot of music in three chords, a lot of clips about gooseberry a lot of clichés. And this is good.
There are things which are a bit excessive: Andriy Kishe, Iryna Bilyk and Kuzma. I hate them! When Bilyk begins to whimper Ill present you it seems to me that the world has finally spoiled and rotten bad taste makes its way to the last crack where illusions and optimism hid. And then I commute to another channel and watch commercials: The most romantic kiss in my life, then a cake appears in a shot, then a girl who cleans a chandelier. I dont remember what is advertised. But after this advertisement I want to taste coffee and a piece of cake. I want something else, but lets talk about it some other time. After advertisement I get back to 1. And I listen to the fairy-tales of Caroline Ashion about Hollywood oops: zany.

A reader, who before it had managed to read a serious article, and then thought a lot, having looked through this introduction, will resent: how this pops for poor can be admired? Overfastidiousness is not needed. And affectation is not needed. Morality is the first enemy of aesthetical spontaneity. Yes, I like it. And I have enough courage to confess in it. Moreover I have an alibi: very honorable Hannah Arendt in essay Crisis of Culture mentioned: it is needed to say sincerely that the art which entertains the masses can entertain highbrows [Arendt H. Between the Past and the Future. K., 2002]. Certainly, she does not conclude from it that except for mass no other art is needed. But that is a different theme. Presently we have Pyryshki-Pupyryshki.