Viche 2009 5

5, 2009

Inadequacy is Destruction

Last year political instability in the state, artificially created protracted periods of practical incapacity for work of the Verkhovna Rada resulted in violations of requirements of the Budgetary Code of Ukraine concerning the procedure and terms of preparation of projects of both state and local budgets. Everyone remembers that the Law About the State Budget of Ukraine - 2009 was adopted, and to be more particular, it was sustained by the majority at once at three hearings on the New Years Eve.
Its not surprising that the councils received the projects of local budgets from the state administrations on Christmas Eve.
Negative consequences of financial and economical crisis (it is yet unknown how long they will be an obstacle in the way of work of the real sector of economy, business activity of small and middle business) force to estimate guardedly the reality of the adopted local budgets, in particular the volumes of the revenue side of the budget. According to the charges these are budgets of survival not development.

Tetyana Demchenko