Viche 2009 5

5, 2009

Boundless, Sunny, Generous Region

History of appearance of Kherson region on the map of Ukraine is unconventional and is passed on from generation to generation like a legend. 


And that is what happened. On March, 13, 1944 the announcer of All-Union radio Yuriy Levitan read on the air the strategic report of the Soviet Information Bureau: today the soviet troops have liberated a regional center city Kherson. It was a mistake, of course. It was reported to the comrade Stalin. Supposedly he asked: Do you say there is no Kherson region? Then there will be!


In a speedy fashion on March, 30, 1944, the creation of Kherson region, a new territorial unit in composition of the Ukrainian SSR, was declared by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of USSR. 19 districts of two neighboring regions, Mykolayiv region and Zaporizhzhya region, entered into its composition.


Presently Kherson region, which occupies 5 percent of the territory of the country, is industrial and agrarian region with highly developed agriculture and diversified industry. Its underground resources are rich in cement and brick and tegular clays, limestone, chalky clay, salt, peat and gas. Coasts of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov clear the way to wide prospects for the region.