Viche 2009 5

5, 2009

Swinger Who hasnt been Known till Now

What Russian bibliophile wrote about Shevchenko 95 years ago

Just before the anniversary of Taras Schevchenko the appointment with the filing of the magazine Russian Bibliophile, which dates back 1914, from the home library is more than appropriate. (Subscription price with the delivery throughout Russia was 8,5 rubles, without delivery - 8 rubles, abroad - 35 francs. Address of the editorial office is Liteynyi 51, Solovyovs bookstore). What really intrigues on January pages is the article New about Shevchenko. Dedicated to the centenary of his birth. The author is a famous expert on Shevchenko Pavlo Zaytsev, the hostage of thorny fate, in maturity he was the creator of the most complete biography of the Ukrainian poet and artist, and at the time when this article was written for RB he was 28 year old researcher-beginner.