Журнал Viche 2009 №5

№5, 2009

New Tendencies in Public Processes at the Beginning of the ХХI Century and their Understanding in Ukraine-Study Researches

Among problems which inevitably appeared before the Ukrainian people at the beginning of the ХХІ century are the strengthening of migratory processes, further destruction of traditional ethnical and social relations; worsening of co-operation between social and national in result of formation of the new global system of economic and political life, returning to the mainly private form of ownership with predomination of oligarchic and foreign capital; breach of logic of co-operation and interference of separate spheres, branches and other components of the whole, strengthening of their influence, which is quite often negative, not only on this or that sphere and branch of life, but also on the development of the whole – every person, nation, people.

Leonid TOKAR