Журнал Viche 2009 №3

№3, 2009

The impact of the ethnical and national factors on the formation of the value orientations of the youth in Pryazovia

The Pryazovia region is a multiethnic area of Ukraine, where leve over a hundred representatives of different national and ethnical groups. Among them are Ukrainians, Russians, Jewish, Greek, Armenians, Germans, Bulgarians, Gypsies etc. the historical conditions here were set by the first years of the colonization of this area and more likely, that it has been like that since the beginning and not appeared recently. All the national-ethnical groups tried and try until now to preserve their unique cultures and to recreate their homelands on the territories of Pryazovia. That was not always so easy – first the Russian empire and then the USSR tried to erase the ethnical differences. That’s why the national traditions were forced to move to the living conditions and where they changed into values and were learned by the youth.