Журнал Viche 2009 №3

№3, 2009

The Jewish in Ukreaine: the age and the personalities.

The background for the development of all the processes in Jewish environment beginning from 40-s of XX century has always been Haskala (the Education). The goal of the article is to highlight the features of its development and spreading on the Ukrainian lands.

Nowadays there are at least two views on the creation of the Haskala. According to the first, thanks to the work of M.Mendelson (1729-1786), and especially his translations and commentaries of the Bible – Haskala appeared in Germany in the middle XVIII century. So it is possible to state, that the spiritual basis of Haskala is tightly connected with the Bible and the old Jewish language. The followers  of the second view doubt in Haskala as a movement, that appeared only in the centre or west of Europe, and from there it spread to the east. It is examined by the experts like a phenomenon, that formed in the different parts of Europe simultaneously.