Viche 2009 3

3, 2009

The peculiarities of the forming of political coalitions

The term coalition comes from Latin (coalitio means the union). One of the most popular English dictionaries - the Websters New World College Dictionary defines the coalition as the union of fractions, nations etc, that is created with a certain purpose like when political parties join the groups during the national crisis situations. Never the less the political dictionaries explain the term coalition in several meanings: 1)the political or military union of two or more countries against the common enemy and 2)the agreement set between the parties or public representative in order to coordinate the efforts. The sociologists use more common meaning of the coalition the group of two or more individuals, social groups or organizations that joined to perform their common goals.

Under the term coalition is understood two or more actors, that agreed to coordinate their actions. These actions imply the creation of the coalition, its work and support. So, thanks to the coordinating of efforts, they get the opportunity to get more profits comparing to as if they were acting alone. In other words, the participants create the coalition exclusively of the rational considerations. If to discuss the social meaning of this term the process of creation of the coalition can be seen in the terms of the rational actions concept.