Viche 2008 23

23, 2008

Twelve months, which shocked us, but did not surprise

2008th is dying. We live, packing down the history. Theoretically this packing down has to convert the history into the strong foundation of millennial tower of eternity. But until now we see a market crush only. Interchange of values, interchange of political suggestions that is how respectable political scientists name the verbal illusion. 2008th is dying. And till it has not finally gone away, it is possible to say things about it, which cannot be told about the deceased. Lets look around, lets weigh and think.

Conclusions should be expressed at the end of a text. But I will begin with the conclusion, which, however, is not a secret. Political scientists only try to roll by it modestly. Presently the oligarchic political system has been finally formed in Ukraine. Political life is determined only by ten people in forty six million Ukraine. All other people, in particular both you, our respected readers, and we, are statisticians. And this is at the best, if speaking passionlessly and pushed aside. And if we dont keep our emotions, then we are sheep which are sheared, locked up and periodically sent to slaughter. We are proud of own democracy. What an illusion! Certainly, if we call the right to bleat a democracy, then there is a democracy in Ukraine. And if a democracy is the right to control and change the nasty power, then there is no democracy in Ukraine.