Viche 2008 23

23, 2008

2008 percent

The national institute of strategic researches conducted the sociological questioning in November, aiming to find out who of politicians citizens entrusted the overcoming of economic confusions.


So, 26.4% of interviewees entrusted the guidance of the overcoming of the crisis to Viktor Yanukovych,


To Yuliya Tymoshenko 24.2%,


To Viktor Yushchenko 10.7%,


To Arseniy Yatsenyuk 5.7%,


To Volodymyr Lytvyn 5.5%.


17.5% of interviewees do not see a rescuer.


In Yuriy Rubans opinion, the director of the National institute of strategic researches, presently the majority of citizens consider that the economy is in the crisis state for internal reasons, and the world recession only strengthens it. According to Rubans words citizens estimate pessimistically the prospects of the development of economy in 2009 and the possibility of overcoming of economic crisis without the overcoming of political (67.4%). Only 10.7% of people do not connect these two processes.


The word crisis has lost any concrete sense in Ukrainian. Presently, when the question is about crisis, one can not understand what exactly is meant. Because one can not remember neither a year nor a month when the question was about stabilization or at least about something similar. Crisis is our way of life. Presently together with political ineptitude the country is experiencing recession.


It is interesting that answering question what method of overcoming of political crisis they support, 32.7% of Ukrainians spoke out for the conducting of parliamentary elections, 21.4% for presidential. 21.2% of respondents see the way out in the formation of coalition in the present Verkhovna Rada, 51.7% in conducting of referendum on acceptance of the new Constitution.


That is how the year 2008 looks like.