Журнал Viche 2008 №23

№23, 2008

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs: steps in the future

December, 20 is the Day of militia

Educational potential of the state, concentration and practical aiming at the intellectual activity, directed on the providing of future achievements, need to form and develop powerful educational and scientific complexes.
Today the task of optimization of the high school and its structural reorganization is set before Ukraine.
The Universities with powerful scientific and pedagogical potential, with scientific activity which should be developed and indissolubly connected with the educational process, and with a high factor of the use of all modern achievements of science, technique, information technologies have to become the basis of higher education. According to our point of view, the quality of the personnel training, system and advancing of educational and scientific study should be in the center of functioning of these universities.

The system of the higher education of independent Ukraine is still improving. The European standard - Bologna system of education - has been chosen as the model of functioning. High degree of standardization, unity of composition and form, educational and scientific providing of mobility of labour resources, forming of their capacity for the permanent self-education, increase of own professional level are peculiar to this system.


Transformation in industry of law-enforcement activity has the considerable significance next to the reformation of the national high school. Conceptual bases of these reforms, in particular, the systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, are in the field of vision of the President of Ukraine, they are actively worked out by the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, the National Security and Defense Council and the Board of the MIA. They are directed on the achievement of the European standards in providing of rights and freedoms of citizens, counteraction to criminality, public law enforcement and providing of public safety in Ukraine.