Viche 2008 18

18, 2008

He even doesnt dream about rest

Omniscient statistics testifies that only three-four percent of graduating students from prestige world universities such as, for example, Harvard or Oxford, choose government service as a profession. There are three determining positions: large ambitions, strained sense of patriotism and aspiration to stability.
Such features are peculiar to the hero of our story 31-year-old Volodymyr Horbyk. He is a certificated specialist in forestry, an economist and a holder of masters degree of state administration, he speaks foreign languages, has managed to start his own business and succeeded in it quite well. And he came to work as a civil servant because of the unrestrained desire to make his native Makarivskyi district, which is in Kyiv region, the best not only in the region but also in whole Ukraine. So we are talking about strong ambitions, which are based on the real patriotism, of handsome, full of forces and knowledge young man.

So when Lithuanian colleagues were talking about the first steps to the European Union, the NATO, our state employee tried to invite, say, the same Europe to Ukraine. And he has succeeded in it. In fact Makarivskyi district has working experience in many branches and spheres. In particular, in medical sphere. Fundamentally new establishments of health care, which work under the principle of family medicine, have been already working in 5 villages. Last year the forum of physicians of region took place in Makariv, by the way, the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko took part in it.