Журнал Viche 2008 №18

№18, 2008

When will the Ukrainian flag appear in the capital of Belgium?

Brussels seems soon to be as close and, maybe, as native as Moscow and other cities of the former Soviet Union used to be for part of Ukrainians (officials and ordinary citizens).
For one reason. There, in the suburb of the capital of Belgium in Ever, the headquarters of the NATO is located, and in the so called Euro area there is the whole small town with numerous establishments of countries of the European Union.
Nobody of Europeans can exactly explain today why that simple and unremarkable city of Western Europe became the capital of the united Europe.
We will remind that in spring in 2007 the EU celebrated in grand style the 50th anniversary of signing of the Roman agreement about creation of the Economic European concord and Euroatom and it happened exactly in the capital of Belgium.
We will add that there are 56 intergovernmental organizations and almost 2,200 foreign companies in the city. A lot of our citizens have already visited Brussels and many will do it in the nearest fifty years. Because there are all pre-conditions and grounds for that.