Viche 2008 18

18, 2008

State registration. Who is the last?

The voters lists can again be a problem number one at the scheduled elections of the President in 2010 and of the parliament in 2012. And it can happen even earlier.

New elections are old problems, arent they? The image of power to a great extent will depend exactly on the quality of voters list.

It has become obvious that the Central electoral committee will not be allowed to create the register independently and without external pressure, realizing its functions. As a result over 14 million budgetary facilities are not mastered. Taking it into account, the CEC was forced to initiate before the government the question concerning the acceptance of a new plan of measures under new terms which could give the possibility to create the register in a legal way.

How this epic of voters list finishes time will show. Attempt at least once again to use at elections or All Ukrainian referendum the lists composed by the local organs of executive power or organs of local self-government according to the old regulations, without the use of register, can automatically make any next national electoral or referendum process illegal. It can happen even if it takes place under the conditions of relative public consent concerning the reasons for its mission and willingness of basic political forces to acknowledge its results.

First of all the core question which directly will influence the legitimacy of future elections will be the real amount of citizens who have a right on participation in the electoral process and their correlation with the amount of those who will come to electoral areas. This is very important. Especially if we take into account that the amount of electors has juristically-legal basis unlike at previous parliamentary and presidential hustings. This regulation fastened by the provision of law will be determinative when the moment comes to acknowledge elections such that took place or such that were illegal.