Viche 2008 18

18, 2008

How to fight against corruption

Exactly the word corruption means abuse that is the use of legislation or public power in private interests of one person to the detriment of private interests of other people. The legislation and public powers are the instruments called to provide the order in the public life based on social laws. This order is basis of justice in distribution of social benefits among people. Abuse of the legislation and public power is self-will, violation of order and consequently of social justice. Therefore corruption is always the use of legislation or public power by one person to the detriment of close people. It is not only the violation of law and order but also amoral act and sin. In accordance with the principle of social naturalism the essence of corruption is that it is the display of tyranny and illusions of people, in other words it is such display of will and consciousness which breaks the natural laws of the public life of people.

Oleksandr Kostenko