Viche 2008 18

18, 2008

Politicians foxes will wait till lions come

The replacement of traditional forms of organization of political life on the modern western model of party democracy is often understood as political modernization.
At the same time the analysis conducted by the authors of reviewed educational textbook testifies that, unfortunately, our parties have not become the mouthpiece of ideas and ideological programs in the clear bounds of classic democratic spectrum, where the left flank is represented by the defenders of social equality, and the right - by the defenders of liberalism and conservatism. In program aspects of Ukrainian parties there are mostly fundamentally unconnected statements, from one side about high social payments, and from another about decline of taxes and considerable liberalization of the state (p. 5).

There are about 144 political parties now and most of them are supporters of liberal ideas. Although till now 17 years later after receiving of independence liberal ideas still heavily pave the way in Ukraine, but they are necessary.

Political parties as a subject of forming of political-managerial elite under the conditions of political modernization:  School-book / National academy of state administration attached to the President of Ukraine, Ukrainian association of assistance to the social innovations; Editor: . . Afonin (leader), Y. S. Hanzhurov, V. V. Lisnychyi, O. V. Radchenko K.: State Publishing House, 2008. 416 p. (Series Public research conception; Issue 6).

Eduard Afonin