Viche 2008 14

14, 2008

The budget funds like the silence of the government

Before changing the main statement of the country, the Head of Verkhovna Rada Arseniy Iatseniuk held the set of consulting meetings with the coalition council and the opposition.

The additional funds first of all have to be transferred to the extension of the resource for the timely reimbursement of costs of the VAT, additional financing of the Ministry of Defense and the Security service, reconstruction of the roads, by the means of increasing the state guarantees to the Ukravtodor, contemplated by the plan of  preparation to the Euro-2012. Moreover, the head of the state sees very important to finance all over Ukraine the production of TV- and radio programs, created for the public use, and also to start the experiment of building the available housing.


The Prime minister Yylia Tymoshenko stated, that the government fully finances all the articles of the budget and for today there are no non-payments and no delays. Especially, when taking to the account the earnings of about UAH 30,4 billions.