Viche 2008 14

14, 2008

Solotvyno. The Downfall. The Abyss. The hell.

Yet in the middle of March 2008 region rada of Zakarpatia on the plenary meeting of the priority session in the presence of the deputies of the Ministry of agricultural policy of Ukraine, the minister of emergency situations department and of the department of protection the people from the results of the Chornobyl catastrophe, the public deputies of Ukraine, has examined the threatening situation in the mine salt deposit in Solotvyno. And so, in three months, on June 12, another priority session, initiated by region deputy Ivan Baloga, has approved the decision About the critical situation, occurred on the Solotvyno mine salt deposit and the state enterprise in the strategic position Solotvyno salt mine and the ways of its resolving.

Exactly with publication of this decision of the region rada of Zakarpattia, the editorial board of the Viche magazine has started a cycle of investigations of the results of the artificial evil in Solotvino. But, obviously, the readers are first of all interested with the question how the government will get out of the downfall, caused by the predator use of the mother-earths interiors, of the abyss of the indifference to the people and their fates, from the hell of reproach for their inactivity.