Viche 2008 14

14, 2008

How the Synevyr Lake, the Museum of forest and floating on the black river became municipal

On the plenary meeting during the one of the last sessions of region rada of Zakarpattia, in which the biggest part of the staff is formed by Nasha Ukraina and Regiony, socialists, and also two Hungarian national parties, have discussed a question of status and the future of the pearl of Zakarpattia the Synevyr lake, and the Museum of forest and floating on the Black River in the Mezhygirskyy region, and also the future of the architectural memorials of the state level Shenborns palace, that in the village Karpaty, Mukachevo region. Now, the owner of the park and the museum the National nature park Synevyr, and the palace is owned by the sanatorium Karpaty.

Vasyl Bezmir