Viche 2008 14

14, 2008

Anatoliy Grytsiuk: I open to the public the known facts of abuses, and the law machinery is silent

The head Volyn region rada Anatoliy Grytsiuk is on this responsible position for two years now. In the interview to the magazine he told if the economic of the region is ready for the standards of cooperation with NATO, told about the unique Volyn mine and the protecting the right of the local institutions of self-government.

 -         Unfortunately, in some questions BYT and Nasha Ukraina dont have the common points, and the conflicts from the capital are brought to the regions. Why, how do you think, it was impossible to find understanding with the former head of the region administration and with region radas deputies?

-         I respect all the deputies, in spite of the fact, that there are some, that oppose any of my proposals. It is concerned also some deputies of the fraction Nasha Ukraina, with whom we tried to find some common points. And I am pleased to state, that most of the deputy staff is professionals that work solely to be constructive.