Viche 2008 14

14, 2008

From the law-machinery to the community-leaders

The Kivertsivsky region one of the biggest in Volyn. In the beginning of 1960-s, the soviet government began the regular administrative reform and the lands around Tsuman and Olyk were annexed to it. Long and the short of it, exactly here now came to be the former lands of the prince Radzyvill with all castles, kostels, famous Polish stone block pavement and the impassable forests, where during the II World War set his camp legendary and odious guerilla commander Dmytro Medvedev, in the detachment of which, supposedly, served Mykola Kuznetsov himself

Chyhyryniuk was offered to lead the local municipal economy. And with all his diligence he started to work for the good of his native community.

The region developed, actually, without any support from the local authorities. Because there a scandal after scandal. Four deputies of the Pryluki village rada were put in jail because (as they state themselves) they refused to share the so valuable land with the big wheels, and according to the police information simply for bribes. Three more criminal cases were started against the other. And our hero is clean like a newborn. He builds and reconstructs lays and sorts.

Serhiy Bortnykov