Viche 2008 14

14, 2008

Until theres a water in the tap

During the complex inspection of the Kyivvodokanal and Bortnytska aeration station work, there was found a real threat of pollution of Kyiv and the whole Dniper basin. The inspection was initiated by the Association of the primary trade union organizations of the enterprise itself. As stated the head of the trade unions of the Public Corp. Kyivvodokanal Valeriy Osmanov, it was a cry from the heart of the enterprises staff. He continued:

The first deputy of the mayor of Kyiv Anatoliy Holubchenko supposes that the critical situation in Kyivvodokanal- is a result of fare policy: Unfortunately, the inspection has shown that Kyivvodokanal is a profitable enterprise and there are expenses, connected with investments and amortization, built into the proposed fare (UAH 2, 82 for the cubic meter of water). So there were proposed to reduce the fare to UAH 1, 48. And if the citizens of Kyiv paid 2, 82 for the cubic meter of water- there would be no such critic situation.

The minister of the housing and communal services of Ukraine Oleksiy Kucherenko has estimated the situation on the main collector of Kyiv and Bortnytska aeration point:

-         taking to the account the serious ecological problems in the capital, the ministry proposed very strict conditions to the joint-stock company, to which Kyivvodokanal was transferred for 10 years for the managing and owing. KCSA also has to do its best to approve during the short period of time the clear investment plan of Kyivvodokanal development, and to define the sources of financing. The main workload has to carry the budget of Kyiv and investors.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Kyiv keep using the services of the local water lead, but if the authorities dont think better of it, and dont start to resolve the problems the real threat for the city will turn into the anthropogenic catastrophe. The ministry has certain possibilities and does its best to reinforce the state influence and control over the natural monopolies inside of housing and communal services. But there is an actually made decision about the creation of the governmental housing and communal inspection that will be able to analyze the correspondence to the standards of housing and communal services that are provided to the consumers and to protect their interests.

Kateryna Balabuieva