Viche 2008 14

14, 2008

Sees and beaches, mountains and relict forests, the charm of Naberezhna, the ships in the roads, yachts near the piers it is Yalta

It has its fans. And the local authorities and simple citizens are sure this season is not worse than the last one. And the last one is known to be the best season for the last 10 years. But in this town, that is considered to be the summer capital of Ukraine, there are many problems that are impossible to resolve with only the efforts of local authorities. Exactly those problems were discussed with mayor of Yalta Serhiy Braiko.

To collect this bouquet of life, it is worth going exactly to Crimea, exactly to the South coast, exactly to Ai-Petri. And to conquer the Tarahtatska path. That will help to feel you a strong, resolute and tempered person. But I warn, it is really hard to get on so-called TV. This is an exceptional, exclusive, protected place. Thus, exactly here once were laid the tourists paths and we have the so-called remains of the ancient descents and ascents for tourists. Now the stairs are ruined, and only somewhere the guardrails remind about the paths were laid by someone, and someone used them. Why nobody worries about that?

-         Now it is a place of 14 acres of old forest in the mountains and has the status of a nature reserve the state mountain-forest nature reserve of Yalta. According to the law it is prohibited to use it. But indeed, there is electric power transmission lines here, roads, gas pipelines, there are settlements here, and of course some problems. In the same time, his area is regulated there can be no building activity here. Thats why it will be more logically to change the status of the reserve to the national park.

-         Yalta and couple of other towns, that have their own peculiarities, are waiting for sorting and administrative order. Because you know, there are no stairs of power in them. Now any kind of a village or settlement - and there are 32 of them on the territory of Great Yalta can register its own community and become quite independent, and in the same time, not to belong to the territory, that is called the Great Yalta. Such an administrative order was ratified by Verkhovna Rada of the USSR in 1968. It means that for now, we have only this document to operate with. But the times have changed. And the natural, land, budget and property legislations have to be changed also. And while there is no such an action, any of 32 possible settlements will act in their own direction. How? We see. There can be a situation, that the village that has 20 houses and 700 people can have its own executive committee and its own rada, its own architecture. Then the mutilation of the South coast will become a standard. Now, the border between village Levadia and Yalta is just a street. From one side the houses of town, and from the other village Levadia.