Журнал Viche 2008 №14

№14, 2008

The client is a God!

- And the specialists with a God given talent are very welcome here, - continues Leri Georgiyovych Svanidze.
- In Melitopol I founded the institute of designing the ropeways. To be short – I already have the staff. The institute will work for western Ukraine, where the roads are just essential.

-         So you are planning to control the whole sphere?

-         I have been doing it already. The fact is, that we have run out of the old constructions of the ropeways that already were in use (they were bought abroad for $ 20 thousand). Now the price policy matters: the new ropeway, made abroad, is 6 times more expensive, then the one, made in Ukraine. If we make the 850-meters long ropeway for UAH 4, 5 mil. That means that the foreign design will cost E 12, 5 mil. The difference is perceptible, as you see. Thanks to Volodymyr Grygorovych, we created him new cabs, and now produce them in different designs, as the customer wants. The customer is the God!

-         He is probably here, on the Ai-Petri, and hears you well…

-         Maybe you’re right, but we create comfort. And I’m glad that I go to the Internet and read the positive feedback from the Ukrainian and from the foreign tourists.