Журнал Viche 2008 №14

№14, 2008

The reform of the local self-government is a conception plus the political will

The constitutional and law basis of the local self government need to be updated. There are may legislative act already created. But there is no thorough reforming. Why? Let’s see a few aspects of this question.

In the political sphere there is no strategic view of the country’s development, of the transformation of the public political system in total, and the local self-government particularly. The view of political will and the wish to create not the mythical, but the real reform.

Only recently the conceptual activity became more-or-less systemized in the bounds of the national constitutional Council and the Ministry of the regional development and building of Ukraine, that is all described further.

The slogans about decentralization are all lead to the political, finance, fiscal centralization of the government.

The reforming of the local self-government is impossible without renewal the constitutional regulating of the system of territorial organization of the power, impossible without creation of new laws about the self-government.

Mykola Puhtynskyy