Viche 2006 13

Viche 13, 2006

Black earth for aluminous?

150 hectares of black earth - for the depository of tailings! 14 million dollars are already invested in the building of the second depository of tailings of the Mykolayiv aluminous factory.

Parliamentary signal. Accept and think

- Owing to the telesatellite Sirius-2, through which the Parliamentary TV channel Rada(Council) spreads, the area of its certain reception lies from Iceland to Ural, from Norway to Caucasus, the Near East and the North Africa.

Gamma-knife could save 1500 people annually!

The allukrainian public organization Ukrainian association of parliamentary journalists spread the appeal to MASS-MEDIA about participation in a charitable action that deals with collection of means for the purchase of the apparatus gamma-knife.

Two hundred moments of happiness

Kiever Zoya Chehusova is the author of the book that restored the picture of our country Zoya Anatoliyivna Chehusova is a known art critic, the President of the Ukrainian section of International association of art-critics and since recently she…

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