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Viche 2010 13

Viche 13, 2010

Oleksandr Yefremov: Mixed electoral system is "consonant" with open lists

Among three bills concerning local elections brought in to the session hall the majority of votes (246 - "for") was gathered by release that was offered by the faction chairman of Party of regions Oleksandr Yefremov.

Society should know its deputy not only in a face

One of pressing questions of political contemporaneity is determination of date and system of future local elections in Ukraine.

I order to reform!

The cabinet of Ministers of Mykola Azarov accepted a volitional decision - to facilitate life to local communities.

Oleksiy YUSHCHIK: "Judicial reform lacks good sense"

However that, who today gives up stones in the system of rule-making envisaged by this law, disgraces her for inefficiency and others like that, I would like to remind that between foreseen by a law and actually built system…

Commercial Arbitration. Kyiv and Stockholm - Forces are Equal

Igor POBIRCHENKO: The decision is to be just.

Declaration and Constitution

These things change human life and force thought to catch on them…

Constitution Began to Swing

The president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych ordered the Cabinet of Ministers to prepare the project of amendments to the Constitution. Public at once began to worry, declaring about immediate intention to be attached to the constitutional process.

From Political Intentions to Action

For 14 years, since the adoption of the Constitution, not more than half of laws mentioned in it have been adopted Such fact was mentioned at the international conference Perspective Planning of the Legislative Activity of the Parliament organized…