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Viche 2007 19

Viche 19, 2007

Political test

From the statement of Victor YUSHCHENKO the President of Ukraine on October, 3, 2007 in relation to formation of parliamentary coalition Welcoming the choice of Ukrainian people, the leader of the country marked: I am conscious that the results…

Are people and parties a single whole?

The result of elections is expected on the whole. But it scarcely gives grounds to politicians to be proud of their own work for the welfare of Motherland. The only one exception is the political force of Yuliya Tymoshenko.…

Businessmen are reared in the botanical garden

The Berdyansk University Management and business is 15 years old! A present year is marked by the anniversary date for the Berdyansk University of management and business a 15 year activity.

Three minutes instead of three days

requires the count of voices on election Vitaliy Boyun: The counting of the electronic voting results is conducted automatically in a matter of seconds without intervention of the personnel of election district.

Alma-mater of Carpathian region

Distinctly Ukrainian, classically European university personifies experience, a persistence of a young and a front-rank scientific schools Among many higher educational establishments of Ivano-frankifsk we may define the Prikarpatskiy national university of Vasiliy Stefanik.

Donbas will show real Ukrainian hospitality

Donetsk is among the cities of Ukraine, which will accept official football matches within the framework of Euro-2012.

Test for love to the dolphins

Program of the United Nations Organization on to the protection of environment declared the year 2007 a Year of dolphin It is caused by a necessity to draw wide publics attention to the threat of extinction of intellectuals of…

Ltava, Oltava, Poltava

Poltava colonels:Martin Pushkar (1648-58) Fedir Bohun (1658) Khvylon Harkusha (1658, 1669-70) Kyryk Pushkar (1658, 1659) Marko Pushkar (1658-59) Fedir Zhuchenko (1659-61, 1670 72, 1676, 1679-80, 1683, 1687-89, 1689-91) Demyan Hudzhol (1661-63, 1668-69, 1672-74) Sava Omelnytskyi (1663-65, 1667) Hryhoriy Vytyazenko…

Kalmiusk Cossacks protected Ukraine and Moscow empire from hordes, protected chymaks

Eight fortresses (which simultaneously were administrative and military districts) were part of Zaporozhian Sich.