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Viche 2007 4

4, 2007


Members of the parliament to the President


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at the urgent meeting on April, 2 adopted the Decree "About the political situation in Ukraine concerned with the announcement of the Decree of the President of Ukraine since April, 2, 2007 About pre-term stopping of plenary powers of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In accordance with it the Cabinet of Ministers is forbidden to provide funds on conducting pre-term elections, coming of that assignation on such aims is to be provided by amending the Law About the State budget 2007.

Meanwhile in the Decree About prevention of actions which threaten the constitutional law and order, public peace and stability in Ukraine the Verkhovna Rada showed willingness to make a compromise with the President and stopped till the decision-making by the Constitutional Court the effect of the part 4 of the article 61 of the Regulation of the Verkhovna Rada which enabled deputies belonging to no fraction to join coalition or opposition by putting in an application. In accordance with this decree it is foreseen to accelerate preparation of bill about amending the Law About the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and also to provide the participation of representatives from the Verkhovna Rada in work of the working commission, initiated by President, on the questions of improvement of the power system in Ukraine and amending the Constitution correspondingly.

The Decree About the appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine concerning the verification of the constitutionality of the Decree of the President of Ukraine from April, 2, 2007 264/2007 About pre-term stopping of plenary powers of the Verkhovna Rada of the fifth convocation was also adopted.