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Viche 2014 22

22, 2014

Reform of Legislation on Elections of the Peoples Deputies of Ukraine as a Priority Area of the Parliaments Activities

Problems of reform of the current legislation on elections of the peoples deputies of Ukraine to have taken place in 2014 are explored. Axiological aspects of elections as a fundamental form of direct popular rule are studied. Traditional and new approaches to determination of nature and content of the elections, electoral systems, electoral process and its specific procedures are discovered.
Legislative initiatives which are aimed at improving the current Law of Ukraine On Elections of the Peoples Deputies of Ukraine and were proposed to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from June until August 2014 are analyzed and systematized. Key aspects of the draft laws concerning regulatory legal provisions that need to be immediataly transformed taking into consideration current social and political trends are determined. Legislative innovations to be considered by the newly elected Parliament while reforming current electoral laws of Ukraine are distinguished.
Keywords: elections, electoral system, electoral process, electoral legislation, elections of the peoples deputies of Ukraine.


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